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ifinancely is a leading financial literacy Website in Nigeria that provides its visitors with financial information and learning materials which help them navigate through the complex finance learning environment and help them achieve their financial goals even in an unfavorable economy.

We achieve this by using finance, accounting analytical tools, and structured practical situations to simplify complex financial problems ranging from academics to real financial environments, which help deliver information that can help optimize visitors’ financial goals.

Ifinancely team consists of qualified finance professionals with many years of experience and strives to help its users get maximum utility from the usage of information found on our website.

Be reassured that information obtained from our website is reliable.

Also, We have a team of finance and investment professionals who can give personalized finance and investment advice to help you achieve your financial goal. Do not hesitate to reach out through our mail to schedule a meeting.


Additionally, We also provide information on scholarship opportunities available for BS.c, MS.c, PG, and Ph.D. programs in Universities in European countries. ifinancely was founded by Innocent Enwerem.

Additionally, Click Here to read our Contact Us page if you’d like to get in touch with us about an advertisement or to report a problem. So, before utilizing any information on this website, I urge you to read our privacy policy if you haven’t already.

You can reach us through:

Mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 08094528887

About The Founder of ifinancely

Innocent Enwerem is the CEO and Founder of ifinancely. He is an accounting graduate from the University of Nigeria and a finance enthusiast. For half a decade, Innocent has mentored and taught young individuals and small-scale businesses about finance and has helped improve their financial status.

innocent Enwerem
innocent Enwerem

Innocent is a music lover, finance enthusiast, web programmer/developer blogger, and educator. Innocent prides on ifinancely as a go-to website for online financial and investment resources.

Reach The Founder

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 08094528887 or 08122022084

Portfolio: Innocent Enwerem

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