Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing In Nigeria 2024: Top 10

Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing In Nigeria: Our world is changing every day and it is changing because we are constantly looking for new, better, and easier ways to do things we used to do traditionally. These new, better, and easier ways to do things birth new technologies and foster advancement in existing technologies. As human beings, we are expected to adapt to these changes by adopting new and advanced technologies in our everyday lives.

Best Ai tool for digital marketing
Best AI tool for digital marketing

One of the latest technologies that have been making waves in recent times is the Artificial intelligence technology popularly known as “AI”. AI technology is not a new one as it has been in existence for a long time but didn’t see its boom till the 21st century. It provides easier ways of performing certain tasks based on the program code and its access to large amounts of data on the internet today.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in simple terms refers to a computer program or a platform with backend written codes, used to solve problems and perform tasks associated with human beings by simulating human intelligence to generate automated decisions based on collected historical data and trends. Based on that definition, we can say that an AI tool for digital marketing refers to computer programs or platforms with written codes that enable them to solve marketing problems and also perform digital marketing tasks by simulating human intelligence which generates decisions automatically based on collected historical data and market trends.

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Marketing is not new to AI technologies and it has proven to be very useful and helpful in the marketing field as it helps in performing marketing tasks that range from content and copy creation to customer relationship management (CRM), to social media analytics and report, to campaign analytics and report, to customer engagement and much more.

The goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while carrying out these marketing tasks is to create effective and efficient marketing strategies that will help businesses and marketers achieve their overall organizational goals and objectives.

Top 10 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023
Top 10 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2024

All these decisions and tasks are carried out by AI in real-time and are void of any actual human intervention, this is what makes AI marketing tools a welcome development and one that has evidently come to stay.

There are so many AI tools for digital marketing out there that perform several tasks making it difficult to pick one for a particular task. Therefore, this article seeks to provide information on ten (10) best Artificial intelligence (AI) tools for digital marketing that can perform various tasks that any business or marketer can use to improve their digital marketing.

Below are ten (10) best Artificial intelligence (AI) that you could use to improve your marketing as a business. Note that they are not listed in any particular order of preference.

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Top 10 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing In Nigeria 2024

1. formerly known as, is an AI marketing tool that requires users to make a monthly payment or subscription of $40 for Starters that gives users a word limit of twenty thousand (20,000) words or an $82 monthly payment for Boss mode which gives users a word limit of fifty thousand (50,000) words.

10 Best AI Marketing tool 2023
10 Best AI Marketing tool 2023

This AI marketing tool is used to create high-quality ad copy, emails, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. It uses the GPT3 model created by OpenAI to write human-like texts. All you need do is add your brand name or product name on the platform, and it will generate automated texts for you at the click of a button.

This AI marketing tool is best for generating all kinds of text you might need for your business, the only issue with using it is that its subscription or payment plan is costly and may not be suitable for your business if your business is a start-up.

2. Grammarly:

This AI marketing tool is one of the best and most popular AI marketing tools for any business and the good thing about it is that it is free for users. It is used to double-check written copy or text to make sure that it is professional, formal, and well put together and if it is not, the AI improves the said copy or text.

powerful AI marketing tools you've never heard of 2023
powerful AI marketing tools you’ve never heard of 2023

Grammarly has features that include a plagiarism checker, text tone adjustment, spell check, grammar check, Formality level improvement, and much more. It works by having users paste their written copy or text into the platform and with the click of a button, it improves the text with its inbuilt features thereby making it better professional.

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3. Flick:

Flick AI is a social media assistant that offers a 7-day free trial to users when they sign up and afterward, they are given three (3) monthly payment or subscription plan options $11 for Solo $24 for Pro, or $55 for Agency.

Best free AI tools for digital marketing
Best free AI tools for digital marketing

Flick is a powerful AI digital marketing tool designed to simplify and organize the brainstorming, planning, and writing process for social media content.

Flick AI Assistant functions as a partner for brainstorming content ideas and organizing and scheduling ideas among other things with a single click. It is not just an AI writing tool rather when you use Flick AI; it is like working with a professional and experienced marketer who has a good understanding of your brand.

Aside from the low cost of usage, Flick is also very easy to set up and is trusted by over a hundred thousand (100,000) content creators, brands, businesses, and marketers around the world, helping them enhance their social media presence.

4. ChatFuel:

ChatFuel is one of the most used chatbots in today’s market. It is a paid chatbot that provides two monthly payment or subscription plans for users as follows: $11.99 for the Business plan or $199 for the Enterprise plan.

AI marketing tool
AI marketing tool

ChatFuel helps in automating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well as qualifying leads based on collected data before they are sent to a live sales agent to process the purchase.

ChatFuel’s best features include Multi-channel marketing, Lead database management, Template management, Pipeline management, and much more.

ChatFuel also provides integrations to various third-party tools like Google Sheets and Spotify; and even possesses an Application Programming Interface (API) for users who want to customize the integration of their systems.

For an $11.99 monthly subscription, ChatFuel provides a good platform to help make your business operations easier, helping you automate what needs to be automated thereby helping you save time.

5. GrowthBar:

GrowthBar is an AI-based platform that uses GPT-3 AI to automatically generate human-like content. It allows users to enjoy its services for a monthly payment or subscription of $29 for the Standard plan or $129 for the Agency plan.

Free AI tools for social media
Free AI tools for social media

GrowthBar helps users create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content as it suggests keywords to help optimize your content. Its other features include paragraph generation, Meta generation, AI Blogging tool, and much more.

6. Brand24:

Brand24 is an AI-powered brand monitoring tool that helps users measure how well their brand, product, or keyword is doing on the web and social media. Its payment or subscription plan contains four (4) monthly payment options for users to choose from which are $39 for the Individual plan $99 for Team $149 for Pro or $249 for Enterprise.

AI content marketing tools
AI content marketing tools

Brand24 helps monitor brand reputation by keeping track of all conversations about the brand, products, keywords, and even competitors on the internet in real-time. It can also be used to evaluate marketing campaigns so as to help you address issues as they arise.

7. Surfer SEO:

Best AI tools for business
Best AI tools for business

Surfer SEO is an AI-driven digital marketing tool that is designed to evaluate keywords used in copies by examining and comparing the copies with the competition so as to optimize the copies and enable them to gain organic traffic to users’ websites or social media platforms, increase user’s online visibility and improve their ranking on the web.

Surfer SEO is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to enjoy its features for a monthly payment or subscription of $49 for the Basic plan, $99 for the Pro plan, or $199 for the Business plan.

8. is an AI-powered advertising (Ad) marketing tool that enables advertising teams to design, test, and launch ads to their target audience or market. The goal is to create ads that will perform well when it is launched to their target audiences.

AI marketing automation
AI marketing automation

It allows users to carry out modular ad testing across various channels, which allows businesses or ad teams to see which of their ad designs performs best.

Another great feature of is that it integrates with several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which allows businesses to manage all their ad marketing on one single platform.

This AI-powered ad marketing tool does not have a subscription plan rather sets its price on a custom quote basis that is, it sets its prices based on the job required per ad.

9. Phrasee:

Revolutionary AI Marketing Tools for Winning Strategies
Revolutionary AI Marketing Tools for Winning Strategies

Phrasee is an AI-powered marketing tool that is centered on Brand Language Optimization. It boosts and enhances the brand language used by businesses in their copies. It uses a Natural Language Generation (NGL) system and Deep Learning (DL) to analyze historical data on customers and markets so as to generate humanlike copies with improved brand language that are effective and good for the brand.

Phrasee AI tool’s best features include content management, dynamic content generation, predictive analytics, and much more. It does not offer a payment or subscription plan, it operates on a custom quote basis.

10. Optimove:

Optimove is an AI-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps businesses gather customer data from various platforms so as to provide them with one whole view of all the information in one platform or dashboard. It goes through and analyses all the customer data collected to generate insights that can be acted upon.

Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies
Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Optimove allows businesses to analyze information and suggest campaigns to let go of thereby helping businesses come up with sound marketing strategies based on the data and insights it provides.

This customer data AI-based platform is also a custom quote-based platform that has no actual payment or subscription plan.


As earlier stated marketing as a field and in practice is not new to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has become more of a necessity than a luxury as it used to be because of how much improvement, effectiveness and ease it brings with it. It has proven to save time in brainstorming for ideas and generating dynamic ideas, it has also proven to be effective in generating best-performing content/copies and also in managing and engaging the customer base, and much more. This is why it is safe to say that AI-based digital marketing tools have come to stay because it make the jobs of marketers easier.

As a way to wrap up, given the many benefits Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer your business, it is very important that you take full advantage of AI marketing tools to help you move your brands and business to new and greater heights that you never knew you could reach.

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