10 Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria From Home 2024 With High Earning

Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria At Home: You are definitely interested in starting a profitable business in 2024 that will generate high income for you with low capital investment.

Some of these businesses can be operated from your home, in other cases, you may have to lease small premises.

Notwithstanding, These business ideas make a great start-up for you to generate extra money regardless of your background or schedule.

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This list of businesses will help you start your entrepreneurial journey no matter the kind of background or discipline you studied.

Also, there is a high percentage of yielding reasonable profit in a short while if you refine your knowledge and skills on them.

Top 10 Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria From Home 2024

  1. Freelance copywriting or content writing
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Agent to a Real Estate Business
  5. Content Creation
  6. Graphic design
  7. Software development
  8. Photography
  9. Copywriting
  10. Food Business idea

If you can dedicate enough time to learning these skills. Trust me In the long run your earnings will double even as an entrepreneur working from home.

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1. Freelance Copywriting or Content Writing: Content writing is an interesting skill you can start as an entrepreneur. In a nutshell, content writing involves writing and editing content that helps solve the problems of your audience. Interestingly, you can become a content writer of any discipline.

best businesses to start in 2023( content writing)

You will be surprised to know that Writing is the foundation for any content that you publish. Contents range from scriptwriting, newspaper writing, video scripts, speeches, podcasts, and so on. So you see, writing contains a large part of everything you see on the internet.

According to Backlinko, “Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

You might probably be thinking of jumping into content writing. But Hey relax a bit, There are some important skills that are vital in content writing that you must have. These content writing skills include:

  • Research.
  • Originality.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Time management.
  • Communication.
  • Editing.

These skills will help you become a better writer in any discipline and help you serve your niche better.

But, In All your content writings, it is important you make your content rich, entertaining, easy to read and understand by your audience, and also easy to share.

If your content is difficult to read or boring to your audience, there is every possibility no one will read your content or even think of sharing it.

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How To Make Money As A Content Writer

As a content writer, you can earn by writing for different content writing organizations around the world. The average earning of a writer for a 500-word article is $75 – $200. However, a huge determinant of your earnings is your niche. Some niches are more lucrative than others. Another way you can earn is by starting a blog site and monetizing your blog site.

2. Dropshipping: Dropshipping is one of the best businesses to start in 2023 that will yield high profits for you.

Dropshipping with aliexpress

According to Amazon, Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products online without having to own or operate the physical location where those products are stored and processed. This means you can start an e-commerce store and sell a wide range of products without handling inventory and fulfillment.

In some cases, You don’t need to handle any products yourself—you just need to make the sales and pass orders on to your supplier. In fact, it’s one of the quickest and cheapest businesses to start. 

Interestingly, in running a dropshipping business, as long as you can establish a good relationship with them built on trust, you can get orders from your clients or customers and send them to your suppliers, who fulfill them on your behalf and you earn your money just sitting at the comfort of your home. Though, you are responsible for your advert and making skills.

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3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a marketing model that involves promoting a product or service and getting a commission in return for every successful sale.

Usually, you are given a unique affiliate link to identify yourself to the company as an affiliate marketer.

affiliate marketing

To become able to earn from affiliate marketing, there are some skills you must have. they include:

  • Marketing skill
  • problem-solving skill
  • Creativity skill
  • strong communication skills
  • Traffic Generation
  • Copywriting Skills

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an affiliate marketer is $59,060 per year. It ranges from $58K to $158K, including “additional pay” options like cash bonus, commission, tips, or profit sharing.

4. Agent For A Real Estate Firm: Acting as an agent for a real estate firm is one of the fastest and easiest means to earn a high income while staying at home. All you have to do is bring clients to buy some of the properties and you will be paid a percentage commission.

Just imagine bringing a client that purchases a product worth $10,000 and earning a 10% commission on the sales of the property. It is cool money, right? you probably might be smiling right now.

5. Content Creation: Content creation is also one of the best businesses you can start in 2023 and earn a high income before the end of the year and even subsequent years.

Best businesses to start in 2023 (content creation)

According to DemandJump, Content creation boils down to producing marketing material for your audience to consume.

Examples of content creation include things like blog posts (like the one you are reading now), newsletters, podcasts, videos, posters, and more.

Content creation in marketing often combines brand-specific messaging with general industry educational material.

That way, you are informing your audience on a specific topic without it coming across as gimmicky marketing.

Various means you could become a content creator involves starting a blog site, opening a YouTube channel, starting a podcast, and so on.

It is important that you create entertaining content so your audience does not feel bored while going through your content.

Another thing you should work towards is driving traffic so that you can easily monetize your channel.

Posting Entertaining and interesting content will help your channel drive traffic.

Furthermore, According to Glassdoor, The average earning of a content creator is $39k – $69k depending on your niche.

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6. Software Development: Software development is un-arguably one of the most demanded tech skills in the world today.

It involves developing websites and applications (Android or iOS) with programming languages.

These languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Java, React JS, C, React native, C++, PHP, node JS and so on.

If you want to dive into Software development, it is important you know that the process is achievable but not an easy one. The learning process of software development takes time but is worth it.

There are various aspects of software development you can explore and earn high. We have front-end development, Back-end development, APIs, database developers, and so on.

Moreover, The average earning of a software developer according to Glassdoor is $300k – $1m.

8. Graphics Design: Another interesting Entrepreneur skill you can develop and earn very high in 2023 is Graphics Design.

best business to start in 2023 ( Graphics Design)

Graphics designers engage in creating virtual concepts or representations of a model with the use of computer software in order to inspire or communicate to a targeted audience.

There are various types of graphics design you can leverage in 2023 and earn a high income. They include:

  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Advertising and Marketing Design
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Packaging Design
  • Game Design
  • Illustration and so on.

8. Photography: if you have a passion for capturing memories for people, then you should consider leveraging photography.

you will definitely earn a high income if your skill in photography is commendable by your clients.

However, it is advisable you go through training before taking photography as a full-time profession.

But you can earn money from different means. Ranging from sales of prints, NFTs, posters, and so on. or you could sell some of your photos to photography agencies online.

9. Copy Writing: According to Rockcontent “Copywriting is the strategy of creating persuasive content for Marketing and Sales with the goal of generating conversions and sales. Some examples are emails, websites, advertisements, catalogs, and others. The professional assigned to write and develop the “copy” is the copywriter.”

You can also earn high in 2023 by engaging in copywriting.

10. Food Business From Home: Do you know why the food business is a very lucrative one? because food is one of the Basic needs of every individual. Literarily, A huge percentage of the world population can’t do without eating at least twice a day.

food business

In the comfort of your home, you could prepare meals and deliver them to organizational staff during breaks and earn money from doing that.

You could also lease a small premises and engage in cooking meals for the general public.

But it is very important before you go into the Food business, you should have good cooking skills. If you don’t, pulse for a while and go acquire the cooking skill in a reputable and registered catering institute.

Foods You Can Make From Home And Sell: The foods you can make and sell from home include chips, popcorn, fried chicken, cakes, bread, coffee and tea, and so on.

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