Best Art Courses Without Mathematics In Jamb In Nigeria 2024: Top 12

courses that don't require math in jamb
Art courses without mathematics In Jamb In Nigeria

Art Courses Without Mathematics In Jamb In Nigeria: I understand that Mathematics has been a serious issue for a lot of students.

It is normal to avoid whatever you have difficulties doing and focus on what you enjoy doing.

So, you shouldn’t feel guilty running away from mathematics, especially as an Art student.

Let me also point out that the fact that you intend to study or are currently studying any art course that doesn’t require mathematics does not mean that you can not live a luxurious lifestyle.

In fact, there are some Art courses that will be discussed in this article that earn more than a lot of other courses that require mathematics.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Art courses that don’t require mathematics you can study in the University at whichever level (for example B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., and so on) and still earn very high to live a luxurious lifestyle.

We will also discuss the subject combination in JAMB and salary expectations after graduation.

However, it is wise we have a true understanding of what Art Courses are and the reasons why they are classified or regarded as art courses.

What Are Art Courses?
Art Courses consist of courses in the educational system that focus on visual and creative expressions.

These courses help students showcase their creativity, innovation, and artistic knowledge in solving societal problems.

These Art Courses are been offered at different levels of the educational system.

Having said that, let us now look at the top 12 art courses without mathematics in Jamb in Nigeria is high earning.

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Top 12 Best Art Courses Without Mathematics in Jamb in Nigeria 2024

1. Mass Communication
2. Languages and Linguistics
3. Music
4. History and International Relations
5. English and International Studies
6. Theater and Media Art
7. Visual and Applied Art
8. Christian Religious Studies
9. Arabic and Islamic Studies
10. French and International Relations
11. Creative and Visual Art

12. History and Diplomatic Studies

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Let us discuss them individually.

1. Mass Communication: Mass communication is the first art course that doesn’t require mathematics we will discuss in this article.

easiest course to study in Art
easiest course to study in Art

According to Wikipedia, mass communication is the process by which a person or group of people or organization creates valuable information and transmits it through some type of medium to a large, anonymous, and heterogeneous audience.
In this course, instead of mathematics, the most important skills required to succeed the communication and writing skills.

Aside from those skills, other necessary skills include creativity, innovation, research skill, and interpersonal skills.

Examples of occupations you can specialize in as a mass communication graduate at any level include Broadcast News producer, Content creator, corporate communication manager, public relations manager, customer service advocate, company campaign manager, journalist, and so on.

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2. Languages and Linguistics: Languages and Linguistics is another interesting course you should consider studying if you want to study an art course with mathematics.

is maths compulsory for art
is maths compulsory for art

Linguistics is the scientific study of languages in our contemporary society.

Courses in languages and linguistics include lexis, semantics, grammar, syntax, morphology, intonation, phonetics, and philosophy of languages.

In JAMB, the subject required subject combination for languages and linguistics are English, Literature in English, government and Christian religious studies (CRS), or any other social science course of your course.

Occupations you can practice as a language and linguistics graduate include speech and language therapist, technical writer, copywriter, content editor, interpreter, communication officer, language professor, proofreader, and language specialist.

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3. Music: Music is another unique art course you can study that doesn’t require mathematics at all.

courses you can study without mathematics
courses you can study without mathematics

In simple words, Music is the combination of sounds to produce a melody pleasant to the ear.

Under Music, the courses you will be studying include audio recording and production, music education, studio techniques, music business, classical music, musical instruments, sound engineering, contemporary music, tonal music, and songwriting.

Common careers under music as a course include music director, video and sound engineer, music tutor, music journalist, recording engineer, and artist manager.

4. History and International Relations: This course exposes you to cultural, and political differences, organization, global affairs, past relevant events, diplomacy, cultural differences in international communication, and economic differences.

best art courses without mathematics
best art courses without mathematics

Subject combination for History and international relations in Jamb are English, History or government, and any other two social science or art subjects of your choice.

Graduates in this course can pursue the following roles; communication officer, immigration specialist, policy analyst, international law consultant, intelligence analyst, and international humanitarian officer.

5. English and International Studies: English and international studies fall under the art and humanities department.

courses that don't require math in jamb
courses that don’t require math in jamb

The course is being offered in almost all the universities in Nigeria.

However, English and international studies are quite competitive and require a lot of study to gain admission to higher institutions.

All things being equal, it takes approximately four (4) years to student English and international studies in any Nigerian University with a jamb combination of English, Literature in English, and any 2 other social science or art subjects of your choice.

Career opportunities available for English and international studies professionals include journalists, communication consultants, communication managers, political analysts, lobbyists, intelligence specialists, foreign service officers, diplomats, and so on.

6. Theater and Media Art: In simple terms, theater and media art are projecting ideas, emotions, and past events in action in the form of film to an audience.

Courses in theater and media art include playwriting, drama, directing, stage management, theater history, acting, light and sounds, and theater production.

Job opportunities in theater and media art include scriptwriter, film director, writer, music director, broadcaster, casting manager, actor, and dancer.

In developed countries, according to the average salary of the job role listed above for theater and media art is between $18,000 – $50,000 per annum.

7. Visual and Applied Art: Visual and Applied Art also falls under the faculty of Art and Humanity in various Nigerian universities.

They consist of different levels of artistry work which include, fine art, fashion design, graphics design, interior design, and decorative design.

Strong innovative and creative skill is needed here other than mathematics.

There are three major types of visual and applied art.

They are interior design, fine art, and architecture.

Common career path for visual and applied art includes architecture, transportation design, home design, interior decoration, product design, fashion design, and costume design.

8. Christian Religious Studies: Christian religious studies focus on the study of Christianity as a religion and its beliefs.

what course can I study without math in Nigeria
what course can I study without math in Nigeria

This study includes studying their history and their various impact on contemporary society.

It is important you know that the study of Christian religion is also known as theology.

The Christian believes in the Bible.
The Jamb subject combination is English, Christian religious studies, and any other 2 social science or art subjects of your choice.

The career roles available for this course include human rights activist, community developer, charity volunteer worker, theologist, and full-time pastor.

9. Arabic and Islamic Studies: Arabic and Islamic studies imply the study of Islam, Muslims, and their impact and contribution to society.

Arabic studies in jamb
Arabic studies in jamb

Contrary to the Christians, the Muslims believe in the Quran.

Jamb subject combination for Arabic and Islam studies includes English, Islamic language, and other two art subjects of your choice.

Career roles available human rights activist, community developer, Islamic interpreter, Islamic teacher, Islamic finance and public policy.

10. French and International Relations: French and international relations is another interesting art course you can study at the university that doesn’t require mathematics.

French studies in jamb
French studies in jamb

This course teaches you the French language and international relationships of franc lingual countries.

Interestingly, French is one of the most sought-after languages in the world.

Specializing in the study of French is an advantage.

The course is offered in major-ranking universities in Nigeria. You should do your research and affirm that the French department is accredited before embarking on studying French and international relations at that university.

Jamb combination for this course includes; English, French, and any other two social science or art subjects of your choice.

Career opportunities after studying this course include French translator, diplomat, French proofreader, international relations specialist, and foreign service officer.

Salary Expectation: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a French translator in developed countries like the United States of America is $62,172 per annum and a per-hour wage of $25.78.

These are the top 12 art courses you can study in a university that doesn’t require mathematics.

In addition, these courses as we have seen in the article have high salary expectations after study.

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