How To Use Fitpro Smart Watch App (2024): Fast Setup Guide

how to use fitpro smart watch app
how to use fitpro smart watch app

How To Use Fitpro Smart Watch App: The Fit Pro smartwatch is a wearable wristband computerized device that can perform the basic functions of a smartphone when connected to a smartphone through a wife or Bluetooth.

The Fit Pro smartwatch provides additional features compared to a normal wristwatch.

The device has a touchscreen surface that helps respond to commands and instructions.

The Fit Pro smartwatch when connected to a smartphone notifies the user about incoming phone calls, SMS messages, and E-mail messages through vibrations.

Some other Unique features of this Fit Pro smartwatch are heart rate monitoring, battery life, fitness tracking, voice assistance, sleep tracking, blood pressure, calorie counter, temperature, text response, and music and video control.

These smartwatches can appear in different shapes and different colors.
In this article, you will read about how to use the Fit Pro smartwatch and its connectivity features with your smartphones.

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How To Connect Fit Pro Smart Watch App for Android Phone And iPhone

To use the Fit Pro smartwatch App, you must first know how to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone.

fitpro smart watch
fitpro smart watch

Let us talk about how you can connect your Fit Pro smart wristwatch to your phone first;

Steps On How To Connect Fit Pro Smart Wrist Watch App To Android Phone Or iPhone

Step 1: Download the fit pro App on the Play store or Apple store.

Step 2: Put On the Fit Pro smart wristwatch by pressing the power button.

Step 3: Put on your Bluetooth, data and location.

Step 4: Open Your Fit Pro App already downloaded on your phone.

Step 5: Press the rotating icon at the top right side of the app interface to refresh the app.

Step 6: Click on “Set” at the button side of the icon.

Step 7: Click on “Bind device to experience more features”. Ensure you allow the Fit Pro app to access your location.

Step 8: Select the name of your smartwatch

If you followed these steps, you should have successfully connected your smartwatch to the Fit Pro app.

One way to know if the connection was successful is that your smartwatch time immediately reflects the same time on your smartphone.

Another confirmation test is by clicking “set” on the Fit Pro app, then clicking “find”. If successfully connected, your Fit Pro smart watch will vibrate or ring if the connection was successful.

How To Use Fit Pro Smart Watch App for Android Phone And iPhone

There are various ways you can use the Fit Pro smartwatch app as stated earlier.

We will list the 6 major uses of the Fit Pro smartwatch app.

There are various ways you can use the Fit Pro smartwatch app as stated earlier. We will list the 5 major uses of the Fit Pro smartwatch app.

1. Make And Receive Calls: other than the traditional way of making and receiving calls, the Fit Pro smartwatch can be used to make and receive calls from friends, family members, business partners, clients, and so on.

The Fit Pro smartwatch was designed to complement smartphones to give users a better experience.

The smartwatch has a great user experience that is easy to use and navigate when making or receiving phone calls.

Like earlier stated to use the smartwatch to make or receive phone calls, you must first connect the Fit Pro smartwatch to your smartphone.

The steps to connect the two devices have been listed above. You can refer to it if you haven’t connected the two devices.

After connection, you should proceed to grant access to your Fit Pro smartwatch to make and receive calls.

To do that, please follow the few steps below;

Step 1: Click the “Set” option at the bottom of the Fit Pro app.

Step 2: Select the “Messages Push” Option.

Step 3: Toggle on the “Call Remind” Option.

2. Receive WhatsApp Messages And Other Messages:  The Fit Pro smartwatch can also be used to receive WhatsApp messages through the following steps.

Step 1: Click “Set”.

Step 2: Select the “Messages Push” option.

Step 3: Toggle on all message options you would like to receive notification for.

For instance, toggling on WhatsApp means the Fit Pro smartwatch will notify you of new WhatsApp messages through vibration or ringtone.

After doing this, you can now successfully receive WhatsApp messages on your Fit Pro smartwatch.

You can do the same to receive SMS messages or other social media like Twitter (now X), Facebook, and Instagram notifications on your smartwatch.

3. Check Heartbeat rate or Blood Pressure: You can also use the Fit Pro smartwatch to check your Heart beat rate.

It is important you know that checking your heart beat rate or blood pressure with your smart watch shouldn’t be a substitute for checking it physically in a hospital.

Please don’t miss your Heartbeat and Blood pressure appointment in a hospital because you have checked them on your smartwatch.

However, this is how to check your heartbeat/Blood pressure with the Fit Pro smartwatch.

Step 1: Wear your smartwatch on your wrist and ensure the sensor beneath the watch touches your skin.

Step 2: Select the “Home” option on the Fit Pro app

Step 3: Click The “Heart Rate” option

Step 4: Select the “Start Measuring” option.

After a little while of processing, your heart beat rate and blood pressure result will appear on your smartwatch and Fit Pro app.

The result on your Fit Pro app will comprise your Heart rate result, Blood pressure result, and oxygen rate.

4. Calculate Total Walking, Running, And Biking Track: The steps to calculate your walking, running, and biking track covered are seamless and easy with the Fit Pro app.

All you have to do is wear your smart watch fit on your wrist then process to the “motion” option on the Fit Pro app.

You can select which option you wish to calculate, either walking, running, or biking track.

After that, click “Start” and then process the activity.

5. Sleep Track:  You can also effortlessly calculate the duration of your sleep with the Fit Pro smartwatch app.

All you have to do is log in to the app, connect your smartwatch to the Fit Pro app, and select the “Sleep” option under “Home”.

Fitpro Watch Not Connecting To Phone

If you encounter any problem connecting your smart wristwatch to the Fit Pro app, some common reasons might cause such a problem.

Some of the common causes include;

1. The Bluetooth connection is farther than the reach of the Fit Pro app

2. Not granting Fit Pro app access to your location.

3. Using the outdated Fit Pro app

How to solve these problems:

1. Ensure you enable Bluetooth on both your smart wrist and smartphone.

Make sure the smartphone and your mobile phone are close to each other.

The Bluetooth connectivity is to ensure communication between the two devices.

2. Grant the Fit Pro app access to your location. You can do this by clicking allow during the connection process.

3. Restart both devices if the problem persists (after doing the first and second solutions).

4. You can also opt for resetting your smartwatch.

5. Lastly, if the problem persists, I suggest you contact the Fit Pro customer support service through the following means:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Line: (602) 345-1381

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