Meaning Of “Raise Am Raise Am” Popular Slang

Meaning of raise am raise am popular slang
Meaning of raise am raise am popular slang

Meaning Of “Raise Am Raise Am” Popular Slang: Among the slang that went viral in the last few months, “Raise Am Raise Am” was one of the most electrifying slangs.
The slang originated from the famous pidgin language in Nigeria.

When translated to Formal English, “Raise Am Raise Am” means lift, raise, or increase.

However, it has been used to convey different interesting and funny meanings.

How It Started:

Raise Am Raise Am” started on Twitter (Now X app) in Nigeria later attention in some other African countries like Ghana and South Africa.

The trend started after a video went viral about a man on the balcony of his apartment lighting up fireworks, while his flatmate was shouting “Raise Am Raise Am Raise Am”.

In the video, He was explaining to his friend how to lift the fireworks so that it wouldn’t hurt people around.

A lot of people watched the video and found it interesting and funny.

However, the use of slang now can be used to convey different meanings in a friendly, laughable, and interesting manner.

Also, it has been used in different comedy skits, and music soundtrack and has become a challenge on TikTok.

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Meaning Of “Raise Am Raise Am” Popular Slang In Nigeria

Raise Am Raise Am” Popular slang means intensifying, lifting, raising, and increasing.

However, as stated earlier, it can be used to convey different meaning

In the Business Ecosystem:

Raise Am Raise Amslang shows an increment in the price of goods or services. Such an increment is almost a result of increasing the inflation rate.

In The Entertainment Space:

Raise Am Raise Am” means a person is living an expensive lifestyle by acquiring expensive items like gold chains, wristwatches, cars, and vacations and showcasing them on the internet.

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As of the time of writing this article, the most recent video in the “Raise Am Raise Am” challenge is that of the Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy in his newly acquired Ferrari Car.


This trend and every other viral video show how interesting Nigerians are and how they find joy, laughter, and happiness in little things.

One of the advantages of such trends is that it promotes unity among its people.

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