Marie Wiseborn Biography, Career, Early Life, Family, Parents | Moses Bliss Fiancée

Marie Wiseborn Biography: Marie Wiseborn is a Ghana-born lover of God, Motivational speaker, gospel singer, Moses Bliss Fiancée, and Barrister known for positively impacting the lives of others around her.

However, she is based in London.

Marie Wiseborn biography
Marie Wiseborn biography

Marie Wiseborn Biography And Profile Summary:

Real Name Marie Agyare Wiseborn
Nickname Marie
Date Of Birth August 20, 1999
Religion Christianity
Nationality Ghanian and British
Boyfriend/Husband Engaged To Moses Bliss
Height 5’8
Occupation/Career Barrister/Singer/Preacher of the gospel
Country of residence London
Age 24 years old
Hobbies Dancing, Singing
Scholarship Won Middle Temple Inn Harmsworth 2022 Scholar
Skills Known For Team Leadership, Creative writing, Singing, Independent Thinking, Teamwork

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Marie Wiseborn Early Life And Career

Marie Wiseborn was born on August 20, 1999, in Ghana, and is currently based in London.

She had her early education at Archbishop Tenison Code High School in London where she graduated with exceptional results (A’s and B’s).

While in Archbishop Tenison Code High School, she created and led the multicultural show, and became the Netball captain, temple house community captain, and prom planning committee.

In 2015, Marie Wiseborn proceeded to Wallington County Grammar School where she majored in biology, chemistry, and history.

While in Wallington County Grammar School, she became a member of the school women’s rugby team, deputy house captain over the lower sixth, member of the women’s netball team, and lastly the president of the Christian society.

She graduated from Wallington County Grammar School in 2017.

Marie Wiseborn proceeded to pursue her dream in Law at the School of Law, University of Surrey in 2018.

she graduated in 2022 with an amazing 2:1 result in 2022.

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However, while in the school of law, at the University of Surrey, Marie Wiseborn was a women’s rugby team member and the president of the chosen Christian society. 

Marie Wiseborn started her Bar vocational studies in the City, University of London in 2022.

In 2023, Marie Wiseborn graduated from City Law School, University Of London in England, and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in November 2023.

Marie Wiseborn Early life and career
Marie Wiseborn’s Early life and career

In a video posted by Marie Wiseborn during her graduation, Marie Wiseborn was seen motivating young stars and fellow graduates who dared to dream big and achieve big goals. in her words;

Nevertheless our past experiences, no matter how ugly or beautiful they may seem to us, can still serve a purpose.

The past should force us to make decisions for a better future, by helping to inform the actions we take in the present, even if our experiences differ.

I hope we can all find encouragement in the word I will share next, as befittingly as we are in this beautiful cathedral today.

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I take my inspiration from the wisest man I know. In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 11 to Paraphrased it says, I saw that under the sun, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise but time and chance happen to them.

As graduates looking into our future, we may have a presumption about life also, that a person’s destination is predetermined by the characteristics, and qualities they possess or the people they know.

We may feel worried about our prospects, that we may not have what it takes or we lack connections in the right places to take us ultimately to where our dreams and goals are.

But we all grew up with people, who had the qualities to make it pro in football, become great politicians, and businessmen, have a wealth of connections and the list goes on.

But life hasn’t taken them to where we presume they would be.

Life doesn’t follow such presumptions, life doesn’t guarantee us much.

But it is what we do with time and chance that life does guarantee us.

which will determine who we will become and where we end up. Therefore, do not look down on yourself, do not be discouraged, and do not fear.

instead, when a chance comes your way, make decisions as a wise man would and be bold and courageous as a man should.

Fellow graduates take that chance, however, and whenever it presents itself, no matter how small for the little steps of today, brings us closer to our desired destination in the end“.

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Marie Wiseborn Career Experience

Marie Wiseborn started her career as Birds Solicitor, in London. She stayed there for a year.

While working there she created analytical documents for the jury bundle and attended court for trials.

In May 2022, Marie Wiseborn became a mini pupil in Pallant Chamber, London.

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Marie Wiseborn Company

Marie Wiseborn is the founder of Learning lite.

Marie Wiseborn Age

Marie Wiseborn is 24 years old. She was born on the 20th of August 1999 into the family of Wiseborn. However, she grew up in London. By 20th of August this year, she will be 25 years old.

Marie Wiseborn State Of Origin, Nationality, And Country

Marie Wiseborn is from Ghana but spent a lot of her lifetime in Britain, London specifically. She currently resides in London permanently.

Marie Wiseborn’s Instagram, LinkedIn Profile & Youtube Channel

Instagram: @mariewiseborn

Linkedin Profile: Marie Wiseborn

Youtube Channel: @mariewiseborn

Marie Wiseborn is active only on these social media. But she is more active on Instagram where she posts her motivational content, and occasionally dance content.

How Did Marie Wiseborn And Moses Bliss Meet

Marie Wiseborn and Moses Bliss met on Instagram on the 20th of January, 2023 After Marie Wiseborn posted a dance video to the popular gospel musician song named “Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus“.

She tagged Moses Bliss in the video and as God would have it, Moses Bliss despite his tight schedule, saw the video and slid into her DM with “I Like your Dance o“. 

Marie Wiseborn responded by saying “Thank you so much! and God bless you for the song! I  really like it” According to gospel singer, Moses Bliss The rest is history.

Interestingly, Moses Bliss Attended her Call to Bar to Ceremony in London, Love is a beautiful thing, right?😊

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Who Is Moses Bliss Engaged To

Moses Bliss is Engaged to Marie Wiseborn. He proposed to her on the 19th of January 2024.

Moses bliss fiancee
Moses bliss fiancee

Moses Bliss announced it in his post on all his social media platforms.

He has received so many congratulations from all his online in-laws😉 Nigerians.

Marie Wiseborn Parents

Marie Wiseborn’s Parents are Pastor Acquah Wiseborn Agyare (Father) and Mrs. Felicia Aygare. They are both Ghanaians who love the Lord and have dedicated a part of their lives to services to God. Marie Wiseborn’s mum, Mrs Felicia is a known gospel artist and also founder of the Wiseborn Felicia Ministry.

Marie’s Dad, Pastor Acquah Wisborn is currently the head pastor of the Church of Pentecost (COP) in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Marie Wiseborn has two male siblings, Ike Agyare and David Agyare. They are all based in the United Kingdom.

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