Meaning Of “Clap Hand For Jesus” Meme/Slang 2024

meaning of clap hand for Jesus meme/slang
meaning of clap hand for Jesus meme/slang

Meaning Of “Clap Hand For Jesus” Meme/Slang 2024: After writing about the meaning of “No Gree for Anybody Slang” “Raise Am Raise Am Slang”, “Bro you look like metro too much slang” and some other popular slang that went viral in Nigeria.

Some readers reached out to us, to write on the meaning of this slang also “Clap Hand For Jesus Meme”.

If you are active in Nigeria’s social space, you will be aware of how interesting and easy-going Nigerians are.

We find joy and solace in the smallest thing out there.

In this article, I will be explaining in detail the meaning of the popular slang “Clap Hand For Jesus” and also the origin of the slang in Nigeria.

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Origin And Meaning Of “Clap Hand for Jesus” Meme/Slang in Nigeria

Origin: The Slang originated from a popular comedy street interview between a YouTuber Timi Agbaje and a roadside seller that was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria.

Originally, Timi Agbaje’s intention for hosting the interview was to give significance and importance to people who are being neglected or forgotten in society.

Interestingly, he encountered a roadside seller nicknamed “Government (Ijoba)” who sells the popular street food, Akara, puff puff, chicken and chips, and so on.

In the street interview, Timi Agbaje asked the roadside seller “government” what his daily income was and he responded by saying #1000.

For accepting the interview, Mr. Timi Agbaje offered ijoba the #1000 freely.

To show appreciation, Ijoba with so much positive energy chanted the now popular slang “Clap Hand For Jesus x3, if no be Jesus, I wonder where them for belong”.

After that interview, the video went viral especially the 10-second clip that contained ijoba excitingly enforcing his colleagues to clap hands for Jesus while receiving the money.

The rest of the video showed a lot of bants and cruises between Mr Timi Agbaje and Ijoba and his other colleagues.

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Meaning:  The slang “Clap Hand For Jesus” is a funny way of expressing gratitude or appreciation to someone for showing your love through giving or any other means.

It can also mean showing appreciation in an energized manner.

Just like ijoba, you can use slang to show appreciation to somebody or something in a funny way.


The video was recorded to show love and relevance to people undeserving of it. It is expected that as a society we cultivate the habit of doing so.

As Humans that is one of the core services to humanity expected from us.

Show love to someone today.

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