Meaning And Origin Of “Men Mount” Slang (2024)

meaning and origin of men mount slang
meaning and origin of men mount slang

Meaning And Origin Of “Men Mount” Slang: You probably must have heard the people say the word “Men Mount”, and you are wondering what it means.

Well, months back I was in your shoes. I got back from one of my trip and almost all the streets of Nigeria had people saying “Men Mount” so firmly.

I decided to research the meaning, when it started, how it started, and who originated it.

In this article, I will be explaining all my findings to you so you don’t look confused whenever it is used around you and how you should respond when it is been used.

But firstly, I want to state that the “Men Mount” slang isn’t harmful slang that should make you panic whenever it is been used around you.

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Origin And Meaning Of “Men Mount” Popular Slang

Origin Of “Men Mount” Slang

Origin: The popular “Men Mount” Slang Originated from the popular Nigerian Artist, Shallipopi with his real name Crown Ozama.

The Nigerian superstar singer started the trend in one of his hit songs “Ex Convict”.

In the first verse of the hit song “Ex-convict”, Shallipopi was heard singing “Men Mount o, Men Mount” which indirectly means notifying friends about the presence of strong men or men that have the authority or physical influence over others.

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The fact that the song was a hit song with millions of views and coupled with the fact that the slang was related to a lot of people, especially Nigerians, the slang became a household slang in the streets of Nigeria and some parts of Africa.

Meaning Of “Men Mount” Slang

Meaning:  The real meaning of the “Men Mount” slang used in the “Ex-convict” song by Shallipopi is to raise alarm to his colleagues or friends about the presence of any law enforcement agencies in their vicinity.

Meaning of men mount slang
Meaning of men mount slang

The essence of the alarm is to do away with prohibited substances and stay clean so that these agencies won’t catch them.

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The law agencies referred to here include the Economic and Financial Crime Control (EFCC), the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), The Nigerian Police Force, The Nigerian Military, and so on.

However, because of how different people related to this slang, they have attached additional meaning to it.

The slang “Men Mount” can also express love, unity, and oneness among men.

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Some other people interpret the slang to mean standing firm in your point of view, not accepting bullying, and notifying the opponent about the presence of your friends around the vicinity.

Lastly, some interpret it as sending a signal to friends or brothers about trouble around the corner.

If you have read to this point, then you should know what the meaning of the “Men Mount” is. You might probably have a couple of related questions in your mind. Stay with me, I will be providing answers to those questions you might have in your mean related to this “Men Mount” slang meaning.

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Is “Men Mount” Related To Any Confraternity?

There is no specific relation or concrete evidence to attribute the relation “Men Mount” to any confraternity group.

The slang so far, hasn’t caused any harm to anybody.

It is just a way of convening orderliness among friends or colleagues due to the presence of a higher force.

Why And When Did the Slang Go Viral?

The “Men Mount” Slang sometimes went viral in July/August 2023 after the “Ex-convict” song was released by the Afropop Superstar, Shallipopi.


These are my findings about the “Men Mount” slang.

I hope this article was helpful. You can drop your questions in the comment session if you have any.

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