SEO Africa Career Program (2024)| Complete Guide

SEO Africa career program
SEO Africa career program

SEO Africa Career Programme Application  Guide 2024: Complete Guide: The SEO Africa in-country program is organized by the SEO Africa Company.

The program is aimed at creating a footprint in the African ecosystem by building exceptional African leaders in different sectors of the economy.

The program has helped produce exceptional leaders in Africa and also great employees and employers in different countries of the world.

One of the goals of the program is to develop outstanding university students and recent university graduates into world-class leaders through their training, mentorship, and internship programs.

To be a beneficiary of the program, you must have an interest or background in finance—specifically, private equity, asset management, and investment banking.

The program starts with two weeks of training by the SEO Africa body before sending a successful
candidates to their partner companies for internship.

Some of their partners’ global companies include Bank of America, Linklater, Goldman Sachs, Kuramo, Freeze Link, FCMB, Adenia Partners, Sterling Bank, UAC and so many other companies.

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SEO Africa Career Programme Application  Guide 2024

Components Of the SEO Africa Program

The SEO Africa In-country program has five (5) components.

These components can also be referred to as the processes contained in the whole program.

1. Selection/Recruitment Process: The selection stage is the first stage and it involves filling out and submitting your online application form.

The next step is taking the online aptitude test within 48 hours of submission.

If successful, you will a couple of interviews and still take other aptitude tests before successful candidates are chosen for the training.

2. Training: After the selection process, successful candidates will be contacted for the training program that involves developing candidates’ soft and technical skills relevant to the corporate ecosystem.

3. Mentorship: In the course of the program, candidates will be mentored by alumni in different parts of the country, especially alumni in the United States and the United Kingdom.

4. Corporate Access: At the end of the training, the SEO Africa talents are sent to their partner companies for internship.

Most of these partner companies are top-tier companies that have incredible offers.

5. Network of Future Leaders: Talents of the SEO Africa program are added to the network of SEO Africa Alunmis that are resident in different parts of the world.

The network gives access to experts and leaders in different industries in Africa.

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How To Apply For SEO Africa In-Country Program 2024

To Apply for the SEO Africa in-country program, you will be expected to fill out an online form.

In filling out the form, you will be mandated to upload some important files.

In filling out the form, ensure you have the following handy;

1. A Professional CV/Resume (Single Page CV for SEO Africa Application)

2. Reference Person Information

3. A recorded 90-second video explaining why you chose SEO Africa in the country program, why you chose your preferred course/training, and why you are the best fit.

However, ensure the video isn’t more than 10MB.

4. Recent Passport Photograph with a clear background. Most likely a headshot passport photograph.

SEO Africa Program Sample CV 2024

When applying for the SEO Africa country program, it is expected you have a solid CV channeled to a particular field in finance.

As earlier stated, the SEO Africa program has 3 major fields, Private equity, Asset management, and investment banking.

If you are applying for private equity training, ensure you channel your CV to that particular field.

The same applies to other fields. You should seek the service of a professional CV writer.

However, if you can’t afford their service, don’t panic, I am here for you.

keep reading, I will list out specific things all Hiring managers look out for in CVs, especially for graduate trainee programs like the SEO Africa program.

Before listing them, it is important you know that SEO Africa stated in their application guide that your CV must be contained in one single page.

Everything you are writing must be contained in a single page only.

1. CGPA: When Applying for the SEO Africa Program, ensure you have a CGPA of at least second-class upper.

2. Certifications: Ensure you have other certifications aside from your B.Sc. that show that you have a background or interest in finance.

A good example of this certification includes writing professional exams like ACA, ACCA, FMVA, CFA, and so on.

Please note that this is not compulsory as it isn’t stated in their requirements, however, acquiring these certificates gives you an advantage over other applicants.

If you cannot afford these exams, there are free CFI courses you can take that are relevant and will also boost your CV.

3. Experience level: It is understandable that as recent graduates, you shouldn’t have so much experience.

However, if you have done any internship related to finance, don’t hesitate to include them in your resume.

4. Soft And Computer Skills: Hiring managers also look out for soft and hard skills you must have developed while in school.

Some of the soft skills relevant to finance include analytical skills, communication skills, presentation skills, tech-savvy, and so on.

Also, relevant computer skills include proficiency in spreadsheets, word documents, financial analysis, reading financial statements, business valuation, and so on.

As an applicant for the SEO Africa in-country program, it is advisable to work on these aspects of your CV.

SEO Africa Assessment Test Guide, Past Questions 2024


The SEO Africa in-country program selection process has a series of online assessment tests.

The first assessment is immediately after completing the application process.

The Assessment test is proctored and contains different categories of questions

1. Statistical Questions

2. Vocabulary/ Verbal Questions

3. Situational Questions

SEO Africa Programme Salary
There is no specific salary range for the SEO Africa Programme.

The different partner companies have different budgets for the role.

However, rest assured that these companies are really good and have a great budget for the role. You will be paid well.

SEO Africa career program

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